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What to Expect From the Weather in Nepal in January

Are you planning a visit to Nepal in January? Learn all about what the weather is like, temperatures to expect, and other important information!

a person walking beside heritage area in Panauti during winter season

January in Nepal brings a variety of climates and temperatures, depending on your location. Those visiting the lower levels expect mild

weather, while the higher elevation may be pretty chilly. With lower daytime temperatures and more clouds, you must familiarize yourself with typical Nepalese weather when planning a trip for January.

Average Temperatures.

The average temperature in Nepal during January ranges from 8 – 16 degrees Celsius (46-59° Fahrenheit). In the lower elevations, temperatures can reach 27° Celsius (about 80°F), while the higher and mountain regions remain much colder. To beat the winter chill, pack extra layers and watch out if venturing into the mountains.

a porter carrying a load and walking on the trail in mountain area of Nepal

Rainfall and Precipitation.

Rainfall is light in Nepal during January. The amount of precipitation usually ranges from 2-5mm per month. Humidity levels tend to increase, with an average of 55-95% humidity. Snowfall usually only occurs in the highest mountain regions, and the peaks are often an exception. Be sure to check the local weather forecast before planning high-altitude activities.

rain drop splashing on a hand

Humidity Levels in Nepal.

Humidity levels generally increase throughout the month in Nepal, averaging from 55-95%. As a result of these higher levels of humidity, some days may feel quite muggy and uncomfortable. It is essential to be aware that although temperatures may not necessarily feel too hot during this time, the relative humidity could make it feel warmer than expected.

arial view of Kathmandu valley

Length of Daylight Hours & Sunshine.

Nepal experiences a good amount of sunshine in January, an average of six to seven hours per day. Sunrise generally begins between 5 am and 6 am, and sunset takes place between about 5 pm and 6 pm throughout the month – depending on w5 where you are in the country. Despite these shorter days, there is still plenty of time to enjoy your time in Nepal!

What Activities to Expect Throughout the Month?

Despite the relatively cool temperatures, January is an excellent time for outdoor activities. Sightseeing, trekking, and leisurely day hikes are popular activities this month, with the stunning Himalayas often visible from higher elevations. With cooler temperatures, this month is also great for observing wildlife throughout Nepal and even hot-air balloon rides!

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