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5 Perfect Months For Trekking in Nepal

Want to experience the best trekking trails in Nepal? Know when to plan your trip by checking here for the full five months ideal for trekking.

trekking path on the way to Everest Base Camp trek

Trekking in Nepal provides an unforgettable experience filled with breathtaking views, cultural immersion, and challenging terrains. But to make the most of your trekking adventure, planning and choosing the best time to trek in Nepal is essential. Here are the top 5 months that are ideal for trekking in Nepal.

October and November: The Best Time for Trekking.

October and November are the peak months for trekking in Nepal, as the weather is perfect for outdoor activities. The sky is bright and sunny at this time, with occasional showers that keep the air clean and relieve the heat. The moderate temperature at higher altitudes allows travelers to stay active throughout their trekking experience. During these months, travelers can make their way to some of Nepal’s most iconic trekking trails, including Annapurna Base Camp, Mount Everest Base Camp, Langtang Valley, and many more.

trekking in Langtang

March-April (Springtime): Treks For All Levels of Hikers.

March and April are the best months to travel to Nepal and explore its beauty. With the relatively mild weather, it is an ideal time for treks that cater to all levels of hikers. Highlights during this period include the Annapurna Circuit Trek, which takes travelers through forests, lush hills, striking ridges with stunning views of Mt. Machapuchare, Himalayan peaks, and cultural gems such as Manang village. Then there’s the Bardia National Park Safari Trek, where travelers can spot tigers, wild elephants, and rhinos and see a different side of nature in Nepal.

A girl covered with color during holi festival

May and June: A Pleasant Change in the Weather.

After April, May and June bring pleasant weather, ideal for travelers wanting views of the Himalayas. Both months are also great for trekking in the less-touristed areas such as Kanchenjunga. In these months, trekkers can witness spectacular mountain scenery, lush greenery, and flourishing wildlife in this alpine paradise. Travelers who visit Nepal in May and June will find farmlands blooming with saffron and wheat fields swathed in brilliant yellow. The Langtang Valley Trek is another great option during this period.

September: An Opportunity to Catch the Festival Colors.

September is an ideal month to visit Nepal for those who wish to witness the hustle and bustle of traditional festivals. Dashain, in particular, is one of the most important festivals celebrated in Nepal with reverence. It’s observed over 15 days over multiple days, often with colorful decorations on vehicles and homes. Annapurna circuit trek is best done on cars and homes during this time, as the weather is pleasant enough for trekking and sightseeing. The terrain remains dry until October bringing in clear views of mountains and landscapes.

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December and January: Ber Season Opens Its Gates

It is a great time to trek in December and January as the Himalayan region lights up with snow-capped peaks, offering one of the best opportunities to view some of the highest mountains in the world. The Annapurna circuit remains open throughout this period, but you’ll need extra layers of clothing to keep warm during your treks. As an alternative, other parts of Nepal also offer delightful treks, like the Upper Mustang trek or the Lumbini Trail, depending on your preference.

mule during snow fall in Khumbhu region and two person walking on the snow in the background
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