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Explore Nepal: 100 Must-Do Experiences in the Land of Himalayas

A person resting at Annapurna Base Camp

Nepal, nestled in the heart of the Himalayas, is a land of unparalleled beauty and diverse experiences.

From the world’s highest peaks to ancient cultural treasures, Nepal has something for every traveler.

As trekking experts at Travel Maker South Asia Pvt. Ltd., we’ve curated a list of 100 must-do experiences to make your visit to Nepal unforgettable.

Trekking and Adventure:

  1. Trek to Everest Base Camp.
  2. Explore the Annapurna Circuit.
  3. Hike to the Annapurna Sanctuary.
  4. Trek to the Gosaikunda Lake.
  5. Experience the Upper Mustang Trek.
  6. Visit Langtang Valley.
  7. Go on a Manaslu Circuit Trek.
  8. Explore the remote Dolpo region.
  9. Hike to the Nar Phu Valley.
  10. Discover the beauty of Makalu Base Camp.
  11. Trek to the pristine Rara Lake.
  12. Explore the Rolwaling Valley.
  13. Climb Island Peak.
  14. Try your hand at peak climbing on Lobuche East.
  15. Go white-water rafting in the Trishuli River.
  16. Experience paragliding in Pokhara.
  17. Test your skills with bungee jumping in Bhote Koshi.
  18. Embark on a mountain biking adventure in the Kathmandu Valley.
  19. Enjoy zip-lining in Sarangkot, Pokhara.
  20. Try canyoning in the beautiful waterfalls of Nepal.
  21. Go rock climbing in places like Bandipur and Nagarjun.

Cultural Experiences:

  1. Explore the ancient streets of Kathmandu Durbar Square.
  2. Visit Patan Durbar Square for intricate architecture.
  3. Wander through Bhaktapur’s well-preserved heritage.
  4. Witness the Kumari Devi in Kathmandu.
  5. Attend traditional Newari festivals like Indra Jatra.
  6. Explore the UNESCO World Heritage Sites of Kathmandu Valley.
  7. Discover the charm of Tansen, a historic hill town.
  8. Visit the sacred site of Lumbini, Buddha’s birthplace.
  9. Experience the colorful Holi festival in Nepal.
  10. Attend a traditional Nepali wedding ceremony.
  11. Learn to cook Nepali dishes in a cooking class.
  12. Explore the ancient town of Gorkha.
  13. Visit the remote village of Manang.
  14. Witness traditional Tharu dance in Chitwan.
  15. Discover the mystical village of Marpha in Mustang.
  16. Experience the hospitality of a homestay in rural Nepal.
  17. Visit the remote and culturally rich Limi Valley.

Wildlife and Nature:

  1. Go on a jungle safari in Chitwan National Park.
  2. Explore Bardia National Park for a more remote wildlife experience.
  3. Birdwatching in Koshi Tappu Wildlife Reserve.
  4. Spot endangered species in Annapurna Conservation Area.
  5. Seek the elusive Bengal tiger in Bardiya.
  6. Visit the beautiful Phoksundo Lake.
  7. Go on a tiger-watching tour in Bardia.
  8. Discover the diverse flora and fauna in Langtang National Park.
  9. Explore the stunning landscapes of Shey Phoksundo National Park.
  10. Go on a bird-watching expedition in Kanchenjunga Conservation Area.
  11. Experience the tranquility of Rara National Park.
  12. Witness the annual Tiji festival in Lo Manthang, Mustang.
  13. Discover the unique flora of the Barun Valley.

Spiritual and Religious Activities:

  1. Visit the Swayambhunath Stupa (Monkey Temple).
  2. Seek blessings at Boudhanath Stupa.
  3. Explore the tranquil Garden of Dreams in Kathmandu.
  4. Discover the serene Kopan Monastery.
  5. Attend a meditation retreat in a monastery.
  6. Visit the sacred temple of Pashupatinath.
  7. Explore the mystical caves of Muktinath.
  8. Visit the hilltop shrine of Sworgadwari.
  9. Witness the sacred rituals at Tengboche Monastery.
  10. Experience the grand Maha Shivaratri festival.

Food and Culinary Adventures:

  1. Savor momo, Nepal’s delicious dumplings.
  2. Try traditional Newari cuisine in a local eatery.
  3. Sample street food in Kathmandu’s bustling alleys.
  4. Enjoy a meal with a view at a rooftop restaurant in Pokhara.
  5. Taste the local specialty, “sel roti.”
  6. Try “dhido,” a traditional Nepali dish.
  7. Experience a traditional “dal bhat” meal.
  8. Sip on a warm cup of masala tea in a local teahouse.
  9. Explore the local markets for fresh produce.
  10. Attend a food festival to taste diverse Nepali dishes.

Shopping and Souvenirs:

  1. Buy handmade Thangka paintings.
  2. Shop for colorful pashmina shawls.
  3. Collect unique prayer flags.
  4. Purchase traditional Nepali handicrafts.
  5. Find beautiful jewelry in Kathmandu’s markets.
  6. Buy a “khukuri” (Nepali knife).
  7. Explore the bustling streets of Asan Tole.
  8. Visit a fair trade shop to support local artisans.

Historical Sites and Museums:

  1. Explore the Narayanhiti Palace Museum.
  2. Visit the Taragaon Museum for architecture enthusiasts.
  3. Discover the history of money at the Money Museum.
  4. Explore the National Museum of Nepal.
  5. Visit the International Mountain Museum in Pokhara.

Scenic Drives and Train Rides:

  1. Take a scenic drive along the Arniko Highway.
  2. Explore the picturesque landscapes on the Prithvi Highway.
  3. Experience the breathtaking views on the Annapurna Circuit.
  4. Take a nostalgic train ride from Janakpur to Jaynagar.

Festivals and Events:

  1. Attend the Dashain festival for a cultural immersion.
  2. Witness the vibrant Tihar (Deepawali) festival.
  3. Celebrate the annual Holi festival with locals.
  4. Experience the colorful Indra Jatra festival in Kathmandu.
  5. Join the lively New Year’s celebrations (Nepali New Year).
  6. Attend the Gai Jatra festival for a unique experience.

Community and Volunteering:

  1. Volunteer with local organizations to support communities.
  2. Contribute to environmental conservation efforts.
  3. Teach English in rural schools.
  4. Participate in clean-up campaigns in trekking areas.
  5. Support charitable organizations like “Friends for Nepal.”
  6. Create lasting memories and friendships with local communities.

Nepal beckons with its natural wonders, rich culture, and warm hospitality.

Whether you’re an adventure seeker, a history enthusiast, or simply looking to connect with nature and communities,

Nepal offers an array of experiences that will leave you spellbound.

Embrace the magic of Nepal and let your journey in the Himalayas begin!

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